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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MU crushes the Hornets....bring on the BADgers

Marquette bounced back from their first loss of the season to cruise past the Delaware State Hornets 65 - 48 tonight at the Bradley Center. Jerel McNeal led MU with 16 points while three teammates also chipped in double figure point totals. Making a surprise start tonight was Dan Fitzgerald who took full advantage of the opportunity hitting three triples and snaring 7 rebounds. It was the 150th victory for Tom Crean in his tenure at Marquette.

MU shot 50% from the floor, a stark improvement from the last game, and helpd Delaware State to just 35% shooting tonight. Interestingly, MU was outrebounded -- the first time this season that the Golden Eagles were beaten on the glass. The struggles at the free throw line continue (10-19, 53%). That shouldn't be much of an issue against Wisconsin, however, since they rarely foul anyone...cough...cough.


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Gene Frenkle said...

I wouldn't say they 'crushed' Delaware State. It was quite a rudimentary victory. There wasn't a ton of intensity to the game, especially in the first half. They came out early in the second half and put the hammer down, though.

Weird atmosphere in the building I sensed last night. I think people were scared the wheels may come off again after what happened on Saturday.

Something still seems up with James. He hasn't looked himself since Friday night. Again, it may be Crean taking the opportunity to give him a semi-rest prior to the UW game, or maybe they are hiding an injury. But something just doesn't look right with him. He seemed a step slow and not really into last night's or Saturday's games. Most of the people around me agreed so we'll see what happens on Saturday.

They better start hitting free throws because they won't be shooting 60% from three point range every game, that's for sure.

And can someone give Wes Matthews a flak jacket to wear? Every game he hits the floor a minimum of three times going to the basket. One of these times, he's not going to get up so quickly. He's a warrior going to the hoop.

Anonymous said...

They looked good last night. Much more in control, took their time waiting for good looks, consistent & well balance effort on defense.
I was surprised to see they were outrebounded; first time this year.
Something is definitely up with James. Crean is a very smart coach, and I think there is a strategy evolving for the Wisconsin game...don't ask me what it is though! Maybe he's just letting him rest (& heal if there is an injury).