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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Marquette takes on Savannah State

The Golden Eagles finish their out of conference schedule this afternoon when they host Savannah State at the Bradley Center beginning at 1pm CST.

Here's that reliable AP preview from Alabama.

Here's the Marquette Hoops preview at Scout.com.

Here's the MUScoop information page for today's game.

BTW, in case you missed it here's a great article about Trevor Mbakwe by Todd Rosiak. The most memorable line in the article has nothing to do with TM though, it was this one: "Dwight Burke has been slow to develop." The truth hurts sometimes.

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Gene Frenkle said...

With four players on scholarship signed for next year and only three to give out, that means either a) James is declaring for the NBA, or b) someone is going to transfer. I've thought all along that Burke would probably be the one guy on the current team to leave. If he doesn't improve his minutes and play this year, I think it might be him.