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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Conference play is right around the corner

.....and the New York Sun previews the upcoming season for readers today, team by team. Check it out.

Kevin McNamara delivers a dose of reality and credibility to message board madness at PC. This article ran on Christmas eve, but in case you missed it.

Draft Express slots MU in as the #17 team in the country in their most recent poll. I'll take the ranking but call bul@!#t on their assertion that MU's win over Duke does not stack up because they are...."not sure Coach K even cared about winning" that game. Sorry fellas, that's bogus. Oh, and the Texas Tech win looks pretty good for MU as well. Draft Express slaps MU a bit more (if you can believe it) in their Wisconsin capsule -- by not considering the Badgers' road win over MU a notable out of conference win. This should be instant bulletin board material.


Anonymous said...

I just think it is total bull sh#$ that we don't get any respect. I know all the writers, reporters, analysists, etc. love Duke and always will. But they need to face it, MARQUETTE beat the Dukies. We are a better team then them. And they should let the country know by giving us respect. They can make all the excuses in the world, but in the end we know who is better because we can out of the CBE classic with a win over Duke for the title.

Anonymous said...

I have to think his comment in the Wisconsin caption is just a mistake. He probably thought UW beat us at home and therefore included our win for them under big wins at home.

I can't believe he would consider FSU or Winthrop a bigger win then MU when he ranks MU at number 17.