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Monday, December 04, 2006

Dywane Wade: Sports Illustrated's 2006 Sportsman of the Year

.....kudos to Roy S. Johnson's Sports blog for breaking the news. DWade is the Sportsman of the year.

Here's the article from CNNSI.com. Look for Dwyane on HBO's Costas Now on Tuesday night at 10pm EST. Wade will receive the award in NYC on December 14.

While Roger Federer's sublime 2006 must have given the editors pause, Wade is an inspired choice.

In just a few short years, Wade has become the face of the NBA --- the kinder, gentler, more professional and approachable NBA. Wade is the anti-AI, the anti-Kobe --- the kind of player that can bring fans back to the professional game, and who's remarkable dominance in the 2006 playoffs cinched one of the most surprising titles in recent NBA history.

Need proof? Dwyane's Q-rating is higher than Carmelo Anthony's or LeBron James'. In fact its higher than Brad Pitt's. At 31, Dwyane's Q-rating is second only to Michael Jordan when it comes to sports figures.

No tattoos? No posse?

No problem.


The Sun-Sentinel.

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