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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's way too early, but MU a 3 seed.

Ok, I know there's lots of season left. Lots. However, there's but 32 days remaining until Selection Sunday, and I don't think we're going to be waiting for the NIT bids to come out late March 11th.

There are no fewer than 23 different sites that predict the field of 65. Here's a great site that compiles all the current guesses and yields and average for MU's seed: 3.

Anyone else remember what happened the last time MU was a #3 seed?


Anonymous said...

It frustrates me to see Pitt higher than us in ranking and these projections. I think we have a better overall resume than them, save N Dakota State (who is not all that bad this year).

I'd love to see a showdown for the BE champioship.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the former post, but in a way I like the situation we're in right now. If we stay hungry and keep our edge, we can only get better. The last thing we want is for this team to relax, but I don't think Crean will let that happen, and other teams (that we've beat) getting more respect than us is probably good for us right now.

Anonymous said...

Awesome site for bracket projections!

Keep up the stellar work CS!

Anonymous said...

How many of the last 6 do we need to win to keep the 3?

I say we need 4 of 6:

Must win:

Must either GT or ND on Road
Must win either Pitt or Loserville at home.

Assumes at least one BE tourney win.

Anonymous said...

My previous post assumes the Villanova game is cancelled...

Add it to the must win

Unknown said...

gotta win at least one in the big east tourney to keep a solid 3 seed.

Anonymous said...

I know this has been brought up in the past before. Pat Forde thinks that MU & Pitt are the new Big EAST school rivalries in his latest addition of Forde's minutes.


Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting, but NCAA seeding is all determined in February and early March.

This team could get a 2 seed with a strong showing down the stretch and an appearance in the BE championship.

A 4 or even a 5 seed could happen with a couple of late losses and an early exit from the BE tourney.

Play to Hoyle (5-2 and 1-2 wins in the Garden and a 3 looks right.

Anonymous said...

Better question is could we get placed at the United Center for the opening rounds?