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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NBADraft.net to Dominic James: Stay in School

I have not followed the track record of the folks at NBADraft.net well enough to understand if their player evaluations are on target......but still, they do spend plenty of time evaluating talent -- and it seems now they are agreeing with the message board sentiment that Dominic James should return for his junior season.

NBADraft.net does not have James (or Ronald Steele for that matter) going in the 2007 NBA draft. In fact, the first PG on their board is Texas A&M's Acie Law in the middle of round one, followed by Sean Singletary of UVa in round two.

Here's an excerpt of their commentary on DJ -- under a grouping of players with collapsing draft stock (like Gonzaga's psychadelic Josh Heytvelt).

As a scoring point guard, he'll need to show better consistency.....James has elite level athleticism, but scouts worry about both his point guard skills and his outside shooting......his frigid recent play has lowered his stock into the second round and barring a huge turnaround, he'll likely be advised to return for his Junior season.
  • Here is NBADraft.net's player profile of DJ (which includes some rather, um, unsubstantiated assertions (rumors?) that should be verified before reporting. Unsubtantiated character assassination. Given that NBAdraft.net is the only source making a few of the claims here, it makes you question their credibility. Stick to talent evaluation, I say).


Anonymous said...

See comments #1 and #3 under the Blackledge story. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the credentials of Jon Stepp and the other author (in high school just a few years ago) and that should tell you all you need to know.

Very poorly written. I do not disagree with their general take on James ability, but the rumors and innuendo is piss poor to put in a site like that.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he a runner up to McRoberts from Duke in Indiana? The article says Oden but I guess it could've been both of them.

TB said...
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TB said...

depends on the award they are referring to. Luke Zeller won Mr Basketball that year, followed by DJ and McRoberts.

Oden was not even eligible for that award -- Mr. Basketball in Indiana goes to the top senior in the state.

Maybe these guys are referring to another award (gatorade?)