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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mike Tranghese podcast: WFAN interview

Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese was on Mike & the Mad Dog's radio program on WFAN in NYC yesterday afternoon where he discussed the state of the Big East.

I can't provide a direct link to the podcast but click here and look to the middle of the page for the "2-21 Michael Tranghese" subhead under the Mike & the Mad Dog header. You can click on the podcast links below that subhead to play or download the complete interview.

This is worth a listen -- Tranghese is incredibly candid when he's on WFAN. In this interview he covers scheduling issues (and the move to 18 games next year), pressures from the television contract (there will be 70 conference games on ESPN and ESPN2 next season), the by-products of the conference's football's success, the BET and much more.

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