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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recruit Report: Racine's Jamil Wilson

The town of Racine has produced plenty of basketball talent over the years -- Jim Chones, Jim McIlvaine, Nick Van Exel, Sharif Chambliss and Caron Butler are just the tip of the iceberg in that discussion. There's more talent on the horizon - - 6'6" Jamil Wilson is the latest high-ceiling player to emerge from Racine and he's just a sophomore.

Robb Luehr of the Racine Journal-Times penned a feature on Wilson for today's paper. In addition to MU, Wisconsin and Iowa State are mentioned as programs with strong interest in the talented sophomore. More impressively (and far more important), Wilson is helping his mother through the fight of her life right now.

According Wishoops.com, Wilson is the top sophomore in the state and likely one of the best in the nation in that class. Marquette coaches are aggressively courting Wilson, who is in no hurry to make his collegiate choice.

Also, this article recaps one of Jamil's best games of the 2006-2007 season from just a few weeks ago.

Marquette does not yet have a commitment for the incoming freshman class of 2009. Currently here is what we know MU's roster might look like in 2009 -- and there's plenty of room for a talented small forward like Wilson to make a sizeable impact early at Marquette.

Maurice Acker
Lazar Hayward
David Cubillan

Scott Christopherson
Damian Saunders
Trevor Mbakwe
Patrick Hazel

Nick Williams
2008 recruit TBD
2008 recruit TBD

2009 recruit TBD
2009 recruit TBD
2009 recruit TBD

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Van Exel was from Kenosha.