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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I didn't have a chance to comment about the game yesterday. Honestly, I've been recovering from the game, and creating videos. I'll add another entry when the Senior Night videos are processed.

  • The Bradley Center was really electric last night. The only comparable night was vs. Wisconsin, but the BC was 1/3rd filled with bad guys that night. This was pure Marquette. Throw in some ESPN, some 1977 Warriors, and blue shirts, and that crowd went to "11".

  • The Blue-Out was great, although about a third of the BC didn't get the hint that they were supposed to put on the shirts. That being said, the main entrance to the BC ran out of shirts 20 minutes before tip, and the other entrance only had Small/Med by that point. Try, try again.

  • When Mike Kinsella hit his 2nd 3-point bomb of the night, the BC was as loud as I've ever heard it. It reminded me of the kind of chaos that erupted when Novak hit his 3 to win the game vs. Notre Dame last year. -- When Mike's 2nd shot swirled in, I knew MU was not to be denied. No way we lose when Kinsella hits shots like that. This was double confirmed when the student hit the "tuition shot" at half time. No way could we lose.

  • I've always secretly wished Kinsella would shoot from range. I've seen him put them up in a couple scrimmages. I'd love to have heard that conversation with the coaches, where they gave him the green light. -- And, at the same time, the conversation with Fitz, where they gave him the red light. Shortly after Kinsella's shots, Fitz had two opportunities, a good 1-mississippi count where he could have lofted a bomb, but decided not to.

  • There must have been a record of no-calls by refs. Huge collisions during shots, no whistles.

  • David Cubillan a stud. 8 for 8 from the FT line at the end of the game? Clutch. And the 3 ball from the corner to ice it? Super Clutch.

  • Wes Matthews is a stud, too.

  • DJ did a great job running the point. 10 assists, 1 TO.
  • The last 4 games MU played vs. Pitt have been eerily similar. In all 4, MU has jumped to a lead, cruised to the finish, and had trouble in the last 5 minutes of the game, struggling to score and defend Pitt in the final moments. Thankfully, we've taken 3 of those 4.

  • The half-time ceremony honoring the 1977 Warriors was just great. See video, below.

  • Jamil Lott has a lot of people to thank. If the MU Band had a piano, they would have "played him off" the stage.
  • Here's a few pictures from my seat.

  • Bring on the Johnnies.


Gene Frenkle said...

What a great game. For the team to dig down and pull that out w/out James in the final 13 and McNeal was somethign special.

Kinsella??? Seriously! Kinsella??!!! Unbelievable. He's been my personal kryptonite but he lit the roof on fire w/those two threes. Naturally, that begssssss the question ....

I was there at Midnight Madness when Kinsella made the finals of the three-point shooting contest. And, we've allllll seen his trouble guarding big guys and getting looks down low. The question must be asked - why did it take Crean three years to figure out that maybe giving Kinsella a shot or two from the outside might be a thing to try? After all, it brings out the big guys from down low and opens up lanes in the paint? Something that has to be asked.

I still can't believe he hit those shots.

On to the B.East tourney. Let's see how that does. Personally, I think MU locked up no lower than a #6 seed w/that win last night.

Finally....a special thanks to Erin. To quote Borat - That's nii-ice. Special thanks to the 4" stilettos.

Kevin Buckley said...

And additionally, why not let Kinsella play a bit more, fire up another three? He did miss his last one, sure .. but a guy hits 2/3 and presto, red light? (And yes, I know Pitt started guarding him more .. at some point there'd have been a mismatch with the 7-footer.)