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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Senior Night: Sit your butt down, win or lose.

This has been touched on below, but I think it deserves an entry to itself.

There's nothing, nothing that pisses me off more on Senior Night than when people leave the BC before the honoring the Seniors. I remember the triple OT loss in 2001 Senior Night vs. Louisville, and the sad rush of "fans" out the door before giving Brian Wardle his great due.

While it is very true that Jamil, Mike, and Craig haven't gotten lots of PT at Marquette, they've put in just as much time lifting, studying, shootin' and sweatin' as anyone else this year. They don't get lots of applause during games, they don't get much media attention, they just bust their butts for the betterment of the top 25 team you've been watching all year.

They're probably not getting a bobblehead next year, so sit your bottom down and give them their due, and enjoy your last 12 minutes in the Bradley Center until November.

Win, or lose.

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Anonymous said...

great post. these seniors need to be honored for all the hard work they do and how they push others in practice. hopefully we can get them at least a few minutes tonight