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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quick thoughts on the BET final

Courtesy of Ray Floriani of Hoopsville.net and Basketball Times:

The Big East final reminded us of the old coaching cliche’, the late Al McGuire (if he didn’t coin) used many an occasion, ‘you can’t teach height’. Simply, 7’2 Roy Hibbert of Georgetown was too much. All season the media (yours truly included) and other observers wondered when Hibbert would, or could, get aggressive inside. The criticism was the lack of touches or take-charge stance in setting up down low. A look at Geogetown’s stats show Hibbert averaged just over 13 ppg. He took 15% of the Hoya shots. Jeff Green, a wise option, led the club entering tournament play with 24% of the Hoya FGA.

Against ND Hibbert had 6 points on 3 of 4 shooting. 'Should be a better presence on the blocks', was the assessment of Hibbert, forgetting the Irish packed the 2-3 zone and John Thompson III is not one to force things on offense.

Hibbert scored 18 points, pulled down 11 boards and dominated Pitt’s Aaron Gray ( 3 pts 5 rebounds) who didn’t get a field goal until just under eleven minutes were left. It was classic inside -out. Hibbert established down low. When Pitt was making a challenge and had the deficit to 13 with 12 to play, Jon Wallace buried two treys. Game, set, match. Classic inside-out.
Over those last dozen minutes Pitt managed three field goals. Classic Hoya defense. In fact it was a classic night for Georgetown who earned their first Big East Tournament title since 1989. They did it the same was as days of old, a dominant big man and outstanding defense.

GU 65 eff 114
Pitt 42 eff 74
(57 possession game)

Ray, thanks very much!

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