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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Quick notes for tonight's Big East final

Courtesy of Ray Floriani of Hoopsville.net and Basketball Times.

Quick notes heading into the finals. Three keys to the game

  • Gray must stay out of foul trouble. Jamie Dixon did a great job, sitting Aaron Gray down with two first half fouls and leaving him in after the third nine minutes into the second half. It was a gamble but Gray's a veteran and Dixon trusted his judgement. I do not feel Roy Hibbet can necessarily get Gray in foul trouble, but Jeff Green with Patrick Ewing Jr can.
  • Georgetown must locate shooters. Colin Falls and Russell Carter got great looks last night. For Pitt Antonio Graves is not bashful and can knock down the trey. Panthers also have a few other players (Mike Cook, Levance Fields to name a few) not afraid of launching from three so the Hoya defense has to be cognizant of the perimeter.
  • Rebounding. Pitt was out rebounded 44-32 by Louisville. That was related to Gray's foul trouble. It wasn't the only reason, though. Levon Kendall for instance at 6'10 had 6 boards, one less than the 5'10 Fields. Georgetown pounds the glass, Pitt needs a team effort.
The efficiency totals from last night:

GU: 84 efff 131
ND: 82 eff 128

PITT 65 eff 105
UL 59 eff 95

Eff based on points per possession with possessions based on: FGA + (FT * .475) - OR + TO

Back tomorrow with a wrap up.

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