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Friday, March 02, 2007

Congrats to Jerel McNeal

Tom Luicci of the Newark Star-Ledger voted McNeal to his 10-player first-team all Big East team. Well deserved!

I was disappointed to see that Luicci played the homer card and voted for Marquis Webb as the Big East's Defensive Player of the Year.

Bad call.

McNeal, with more steals (2.6 to 0.9) and rebounds (4.6 to 2.6) than Webb, was a much stronger candidate for that honor. ...add in McNeal's miraculous save at USF if you're not convinced he's a more viable choice (not to mention that McNeal made his all conference ballot and Webb did not)

Other categories of note:

POY - Jeff Green
FOY - Scottie Reynolds
COY - Mike Brey

Those three -- all solid choices.

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Anonymous said...

hey let's show some love to the women's team please--- T. Mitchell is COY!!! and Christina Quaye & Krystal Ellis are All BE 1st-teamers!!

Go girls!