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Monday, February 14, 2005

It's Do or Die Time for Marquette

It's basically "do or die time" for Marquette. Currently at 5-6 in conference, Marquette has two home games next up on the slate, against the #1 and #2 teams in the conference-- Louisville and DePaul. If Marquette somehow wins both of those games, it will move to 7-6 and will position itself in a great spot for NCAA Tournament consideration. If MU splits the games, it will likely need to win at Cincy (ouch!) or make a big run in the CUSA tournament. If MU loses to both Louisville and DePaul, winning the CUSA tournament appears to be the only way to the NCAA's.

It's a tough draw this week, but at least Marquette's future is essentially in its own hands. Four of the final five games are at home, as after a Cincy road game, Marquette hosts beatable Houston and SLU. Presumably, MU will need either a 9-7 record or a CUSA tournament run or both to make the tournament.

I still think a 9-7 conference record may do it. Marquette's RPI will be within striking range for Selection Sunday (right around 50), and they would have 21 wins. Another win in the CUSA tournament would probably seal the deal, unless too many mid-major upsets occurred.

Ultimately, as improbable as the NCAA Tournament appears at this point, if Marquette is healthy and playing well, it is capable of beating any conference opponent at home. It all begins with a win... and Louisville is up next... (gulp)!


Anonymous said...

4-1 gets it done....With that, MU would have to win 2 of 3 against Ville, DePaul and Cincy.

That said, 3-2 won't end the NCAA hopes. With a 2-1 finish in the conference tourney, MU can still sneak in

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the NIT is the only possible post season run. A sad way to finish a career for Diener. Not to say beating the top half of the conference can't be done, but I think too many teams will have better NCAA resumes than Marquette. Host a game and hope for a run to Madison Square Garden.