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Thursday, April 20, 2006

5-1 odds to land Carroll, UPDATE on Stemler

Hey, we have an entirely new way of following transfers! Bob McClellan of Rivals.com via Yahoo!Sports handicapps the DeMarre Carroll sweepstakes and opens the line with MU as a 5-1 underdog for landing the talented forward. Mizzou is the house favorite at 2-1.

Read about it here.

Per the Billiken board, Stemler now has been offered by Indiana. The SLU board references a premium article from Scout.com. Read the Billiken board thread here (complete with MU envy, I might add).


Anonymous said...

Bob McClellan must of flunked math. The odds should add up to 1. But Bobs math adds up to 0.5+.25+.2+.1+.05=1.1

Anonymous said...

Scout.com has the visit dates for Stemler...looks like there's only four vieing for him.

We get him on a Sunday.

Indiana Med Interest No 04/28/2006
Marquette Med Interest No 04/23/2006
Nebraska Med Interest No 04/13/2006
Saint Louis Med Interest No 04/26/2006

John Radcliff said...

Sorry to put this here, but I didn't see a contact. Thanks for the link! You guys should be really f'ing good next year!

Good Luck,