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Friday, July 07, 2006

MU to Host NCAA Tournament in 2010

......hey, its been a slow week......summer's here, work's a killer and its the off-season. We'll drum up more content soon, but in the meantime Marquette confirmed what many had been hoping for -- the NCAA Tournament is coming back to the Bradley Center in 2010 with MU as the host. This event will provide terrific exposure for Marquette, and a spike in the bank account as well. Nice work by Bill Cords.

Here's the MJS article by Don Walker.

The first time MU hosted the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament was back in 19992. That year, MU welcomed an incredible pool of talent including future NBA players Travis Best, Lee Mayberry, Todd Day, Doug Christie, Harold Miner, David Vaughn, Jon Barry and more. The weekend was highlighted by Georgia Tech's improbable upset of second seeded USC ..... that's when James Forrest made his one and only 3-pointer of the season, sending Yellow Jackets to the Sweet 16. The shot still resonates - - check out ESPN's top 10 buzzer beaters here:


Anonymous said...

I think you mean the first time Marquette hosted the NCAA 1st and 2nd round was in 1992. The last time was in 2004 which was highlighted by a, at the time future conferencemate Pittsburgh beating Wisconsin in front of a very red and sad crowd.

TB said...

good call.........edits forthcoming