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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Novak to Houston in the 2nd Round


Todd Rosiak does a nice job or outlining Novak's wait until the second round. Per the article, Novak thought another Texas city might be his new home -- but Houston was smart enough to gobble up the sharpshooter. Novak is the third MU player drafted in the last four years.

In this AP article, Rockets GM Carroll Dawson was impressed with Novak's recent workout with the franchise where "he blew us away with how well he shot the ball."

At first glance, Houston seems like an ideal location for Novak. The Rockets' web site notes that "Novak should make defenders pay for doubling McGrady or Yao."

The Rockets were the poorest offensive team in the NBA last season despite having two of its most coveted talents, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Novak's height and dead-eye shooting ability should help coach Jeff Van Gundy's bunch spread the floor, opening up easier scoring opportunities for these NBA stars.

How bad was the outside shooting in Houston last season? Luther Head, their 2005 first-rounder, was the Rockets' leading three-point shooter, making 113 treys at a less-than-impressive 36.1% clip. Amazingly, only one other Rocket, Rafter Alston, made more than 100 treys last season.

Steve Novak can help this team. Congratuations Steve!

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