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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

NBA pre-draft camp: Novak update

At the NBA pre-draft camp Steve Novak will line up with Team #1. Per RealGM, Novak's teammates are Terrance Dials, Jordan Farmar, Daniel Horton, Solomon Jones, Chris McCray, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Paul Millsap, David Noel, and Allen Ray.

RealGM reviewed Novak's performance from last night:

Novak struggled when he was guarded by Bobby Jones. Jones would not give him an inch of breathing room and it really affected what Novak wanted to do: shoot. He didn’t make some of his open jumpers, but he has the form that will get him around six points in certain situations off the bench. If he wants to move into the high part of the second round, he must prove he can rebound inside, something he failed to do on Day 1.
Finally, NBA.com previewed the pre-draft camp. Novak is listed as one of the headliners for the event. Here's the preview.

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