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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Draft Day: Which team will select Steve Novak?

Tonight in the Greatest City in the World, Steve Novak hopes to become the third player in the Tom Crean era to be selected in the NBA draft. The optimists here at Cracked Sidewalks have spoken with our NBA insiders (ha!) and expect Novak to surprise many mock draft boards when he's selected late in the first round.

Why not? The NBA is more wide-open than it has been in two decades, making a dead-eye shooter a more integral part of any offense. And let's face it --- at 6'10" with a quick release and deadly accuracy, Novak offers intriguing possibilities.

Per the Associated Press, Novak worked out for 13 separate NBA franchises and turned in a respectable performance at the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando.

Drumroll, please.......The SportsNetwork has Novak going at #27 to Phoenix. We agree.....Steve will be a Sun, unless the horrible, horrible, horrible Knicks grab him at #29. Please, Phoenix, please.

Of course, one can always hope that the trifecta-challenged Miami Heat will trade up to grab Novak -- Pat Riley must be sick of seeing his team go 5-25 from deep night after night. Trade up and get Novak, Riles!

DraftExpress' final mock draft has Novak going to Golden State at #38.

NBADraft.net slots Novak at #36 to the Timberwolves.

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Houston got a good one!