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Saturday, June 17, 2006

LeBron or DWade?

When sports columnists cover an athlete from outside the local area code, its fair to say that athlete has 'arrived' as a national figure. Today's column by Jemele Hill of the Orlando Sentinel is a case in point - - and here she does the unthinkable: she compares LeBron and DWade to Magic and Bird.

She's right on the mark when looking back to the great Magic/Bird rivalry:

Remember when how you answered the Bird-or-Magic question determined how people felt about you? If you loved Magic, you were new school. If you loved Bird, you were old school. Every kid who grew up in the '80s acted out the Bird v. Magic one-on-one fantasy on playgrounds across America.
I was always a Larry Bird guy, btw. As a jock-sniffing MU freshman I spent an entire day in the lobby of the Hyatt trying to get his autograph. My obsession paid off that afternoon (and I was able to get a picture with him as well).

But I digress....let's get back to the wisdom of Ms. Hill

You can bet that if Wade does get this ring, James will be that much more motivated to get one.

But since Wade already has the Heat two victories from a NBA championship and James only got the Cavaliers within a victory of playing for the Eastern Conference title, the early advantage belongs to Wade.

The best part for NBA fans will be seeing how long he keeps it.

Sorry, Carmelo....this era is not for you.

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