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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Will Homer True be back next year? MU still on WISN?

The decision still hasn't been made yet, but a glimpse into the potential suitors and Steve "Homer" True's situation is outlined in today's Bob Wolfley article.

"We are interested in Marquette because Marquette sports is important to Milwaukee and we believe it is part of the fabric of the city's sports," said Alan Kirshbom, vice president and market manager of WSSP. "We'd love to be in the game with them."

Here is the complete article


Anonymous said...

Looks like MU chooses who it wants announcing, and the station gives the final ok. Unless a station feels really strongly about not having Homer and Jim announcing we should expect to listen to them. As far as which station, I guess go with whichever station wants to donate the most money to the program. However, I hope if the station is not WISN it will still have the broadcasts available online for those not in the Milwaukee area for any or all games.

Anonymous said...

I hope SSP doesn't get it. They are a poor sounding, poorly managed station and barely crack the top 30 in the ratings. WAUK doesn't do much better, but they already have Homer so it would make sense for them to get the games. Who knows maybe even WTMJ would go after it just to spite the other stations.