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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Novak Pre-Draft Camp: Day Two Assessments

DraftExpress.com and RealGM.com both reviewed day two of the pre-draft camp. Here's the overview:

Per the guys at DraftExpress.com . . . Novak is the best shooter at the camp this week but he's struggling on defense.

Methinks Novak will be adequate defensively in the NBAin part because of the newer zone-type defenses that the league now allows. It's unclear how teams are being defended at the Orlando camp -- but you'd suspect that teams are predominantly in man- to-man situations.

Anyway, here's the DraftExpress.com update and excerpts of their take on Steve's performance:

"....Novak still wasn't able to find many open looks this afternoon.......he generally struggled to get open......showed a remarkably quick release.....both Brandon Bowman and Denham Brown were able to score at will with Novak defending them."

RealGM.com offers a starker take on Novak's performance yesterday, calling him "a bit of a disappointment" and claiming he must "do more than shoot. He has to rebound the ball better than he has so far."

Here's the RealGM.com review of yesterday's action including their full assessment of Steve's work for the day.

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