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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mbakwe Transfers...

......to another high school in the Twin Cities. Earlier we'd reported that 2007 commit Trevor Mbakwe was moving to Georgia to complete high school. Well, things have changed - - again. Per the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mbakwe left Sibley High School and is now enrolled at St. Bernard's. Sounds like this move was a compromise between mother and son:

"It's a done deal, he's gone," Henry Sibley coach Tom Dasovich said Tuesday. "His mom didn't want to come back to Sibley and Trevor didn't want to go to Georgia. I wish him the best. I hope they help him academically as much as possible."
The last sentence in Dasovich's quote gives me pause, however. After flip-flopping on his choice of high school as both a junior and a senior, let's hope Mbakwe transitions smoothly at St. Bernard's -- particularly in the classroom.

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