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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

MU v UWM, ETA 2007-2008?

Looks like the ball is in UWM's court on this one. Per this morning's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, MU sent a proposal to the cross-town state school that amounts to a 4 for 1 arrangement (four games at the Bradley Center).

In the end, the 4 for 1 arrangement mirrors what UWM has in place with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Let's see what happens.


John Cocktoastan said...

I am very sick of UWM fans saying MU won't play them. This is a fair deal and I hope UWM takes it so MU can put a beat down on this so-called rival.

Anonymous said...

You mean like MU puts the "beat-down" on their "so-called rival" UWM in other sports? Yeah, like men's soccer... er, wait, UWM leads that series 25-7-2. Ok, how bout women's soccer or volleyball? Nope, UWM leads those series too. It must be like they do in men's Cross-Country? Nope, UWM finished about 10 spots ahead of MU at the 2005 NCAA Regional meet, both schools last race of the season. Hmmm... Oh, I got it, UWM must be a "so-called" rival due to the basketball teams. But wait, the men's teams haven't played since 1998 (the only team that doesn't have a yearly meeting with UWM), and the all-time women's series record is 19-20? AH-HAH! That's it, it must be that one game advantage by MU's women's team that gives you that condescending tone, Mike.

Enjoy living life like that.

Anonymous said...

Jason, that'd be a great comment if this was an all-sports board - or if the comment you responded to had anything to do with any other sport.