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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CHN Rankings & Big East Media Day

Rankings are fun......especially when your team looks good. CHN ranked the top 30 players in the Big East and Dominic James is at the top of the heap. Jerel McNeal checks in at #10, making MU the only program with two of the league's top 10. Strangely, Wesley Matthews gets no respect -- he's listed in the 'next in line' category. I look forward to the recount in March.

Here are the CHN rankings of the Big East's best players. Talk about it here on MUScoop.

**Big East Media Day**
BTW, Big East Media day will begin this morning at 9am CDT in New York City, the greatest city in the world. Tom Crean and the Three Amigos will represent Marquette at the event today.

FWIW at last week's Marquette CIRCLES in New York event, Tom Crean indicated that for his preseason coaches' poll he pegged Louisville, Georgetown and Providence as the Big East's top three teams - -in that order. He cited overall experience as the primary reason for selecting these teams to lead the league. Crean did not indicate where he slotted MU.

Fans can check out the Big Easts' media day homepage for updates throughout today's event, including video content. That page includes a link to the official Big East preview of Marquette -- find that right here.


Anonymous said...

"New York, the best city in the world"?....Overcrowded, overpriced and overexposed. You can keep it.

The rest of your analysis...right on the mark. Matthews will end up being the best of the three.

Anonymous said...

Crean didn't indicate where he slotted MU in the preseason coaches poll because he did not get the option to slot MU anywhere. Coaches vote on the teams in the league, but their own team does not appear on their ballot.