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Monday, December 03, 2007

MU running up the score? TC comes out firing

Rosiak has the latest in his blog........an unusually agitated Tom Crean fires away at the notion that MU ran up the score this past weekend against one of the programs in the University of Wisconsin system -- and how the message was delivered from the easily defeated cross-town coach. Talk about it on MUScoop.

This lousy series can't end fast enough.


Gene Frenkle said...

God Bless TC. He's dead on. Nothing but drama drama drama from UWM.

They cried and moped and complained for this game for years. Well...they got it.

I hope we win by 40 next year.

Anonymous said...


Lets move on to UW Madison.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a rational look at this. The same night we kicked UWM's behind, Tennessee (#12) did the same to Louisiana-Lafayette (score 98-70 - which was VERY similar to the Marquette - UWM score).

Tennessee's starters avg'ed 25 mins of playing time each. Marquette's starters avg'ed 26.2 mins of playing time each.

I wonder if Louisiana-Lafayette threw a fit?

Also, another problem seems to haev been our backup gaurds (Cubillian and Acker) were still far superior to anything UWM had, if the starters weren't in the game - we'd still have been building a lead. To which Jeter probably would have said, we should have played all walk-ons for the last 8 mins of the game (or students from the crowd).

What a bunch of sorry poor losers. I'm sorry we even gave in and said we'd play them.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why TC and MU didn't want this game - it's a no-win situation. If UWM wins it's a national story. If MU wins a close game, UWM claims a moral victory. If it's a blowout, and it was, UWM cries foul and says MU lacks class. Let's finish out this contract and then be done with UWM.

Kudos to TC for his honest comments.

Anonymous said...

Like Crean said they need to take care of their house. It is not our fault your team is terrible and has no identity Jeter. This could turn into a great rivalry if UWM puts up a fight. Too bad we couldn't have played them when Pearl was here.