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Sunday, February 17, 2008

In case you weren't at the BC: FF 5 year ceremony

This video was shot at the MU / Pitt game half-time ceremony.

8 minutes total .. first 2 minutes is the montage video .. at the 2 minute mark is the player intros .. 4 minute mark is Tom Crean .. 6 minute mark is DWade .. 7 minute is Travis' speech.

The beginning video grab is a bit shaky, as people were bumping me around. Sorry.


Unknown said...

MQ could I get a copy of that UK game?

Can MU win three in a row?

OldHossRadbourn said...

I was at the game and was really baffled as to why Big Robert Jackson wasn't in attendance and why in the world no one mentioned him. I found it puzzling because he has been at several home games this year. He was the second best player on that team.

Anonymous said...

DAVE: Sure. I need to convert it to DVD, so it may be a while. Send me your address to mfxq@hotmail.com, subject: MU game tape.

Cracked Sidewalks is taking forever to load lately. Anyone else having this problem? Too much stuff on the right column? Otherwise, keep up the great work CS.