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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wiki Top 10: Feb 2008

Oh, dear god, stop with the wiki top 10. No, I will not.

Good pages to check out:


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed "no comments" on this? That is b/c no one cares. No one cares about Dameon Mason, MU drinking games, or Real Chili recipes. Again. No one cares.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you read it?

I've been interested to check out some of those pages, but I'm not sure what makes something a Wiki Top 10. The Shane Littles page has almost nothing on it.

Kevin Buckley said...

Normally, I'd remove a comment like that, but I'll let it stay as a monument of ignorance.

Why? Because each month, the Top 10 post boosts wiki traffic about 600%.

So, yeah. "No one cares" is about 600% wrong.

Feel free to stop reading CS, by the way.

.. Also, we've had it with jerks and anonymous (or otherwise) commentary. We are now going to delete everything that's not productive. In the future, don't bother. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

The wiki is getting better, but I'd hate to see it become a victim of it's own success. You would be well-advised to keep traffic numbers of the wiki confidential. What you do out of passion, others may pursue out of profit and/or greed.

I realize the wiki, muscoop and cracked sidewalks are free for the taking and that's probably a good thing. Other sites are not totally free and some interested parties don't like the idea of giving anything away for free.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid much?

Kevin Buckley said...

I really don't know what this comment means. The MUScoop forum and wiki are run and paid for by two MU fans who are dedicated to a free flow of MU information. I have zero doubt as to their benevolent and non-commercial intentions now and in the future.

MU does not have a giant fan base, and the traffic to these services reflect that.

If I'm missing something, please email me at hilltopper91@gmail.com to discuss.