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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MU updates from the past several days

Let's get caught up on the program, shall we.

Marquette's 2008-2009 out of conference schedule is nearly complete. The Warriors have agreed to play at North Carolina State this winter, with a return game at the Bradley Center the following year. The Wolfpack finished last season 15-16. After losing its top three scorers from last season, including first-round pick J.J. Hickson, NCSU should be one of the worst teams in the ACC next season.

CNNSI's Luke Winn is blunt about the upcoming season for the Warriors noting that making the Sweet 16 is a baseline expectation for new coach Buzz Williams, despite his relative anonymity.

Buzz Williams sure can recruit. HoopScoop rates the current 2009 class as the second-best in the nation. Impressive stuff -- and Buzz Williams is likely not done recruiting for that group.

Interested in golfing with a Marquette basketball great? Sign up for the 1st Annual Warrior Day Golf Outing to benefit the American Liver Foundation, Marquette University's non-revenue sports and the Hank Raymonds Educational Center. The event will be held on July 28th at The Bog.

In case you didn't catch it, GoMarquette.com is now podcasting. Check out the podcasting section of the website, where you can download interviews and video highlights to your iPod. Don't have your iPod with you? Download the *.mp3's directly. We highly recommend the interviews with Jimmy Butler and Joe Fulce. As some commentary, one of the best parts about being a Marquette fan is that our players represent themselves well. The players are easy to root for, so it's nice to see Butler and Fulce carrying on with that tradition.

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Unknown said...

To clarify on the Maymon point in my article you posted, it is just one of what I feel to be many possibilities for another scholarship to open in this next class. As far as I know, Maymon has been able to follow his plan when he committed to take the summer off (except for the NBA Top 100 Camp) and focus on his studies. I would guess that there may be a couple more probable options for another scholarship to be available, and really hope that Maymon makes it because he'd have a good shot at starting right away at Marquette.