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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Note to MU ticket office: BAD IDEA

Marquette announced their "5-pack" ticket plans today.

BLUE PLAN: Georgetown, Connecticut, Syracuse, Villanova and St. John's
GOLD PLAN: Wisconsin, West Virginia, DePaul, Cincinnati and Seton Hall

Notice anything unusual about this scheme? In past years, they've packaged in 1-2 cupcake games with 3-4 solid games in each 5 pack. Not this year. All 10 games are quality Big East games.

As you can see, the hottest ticket of the year, the MU v. UW game, is also in a 5-pack. MU did this 2 years ago, forcing the hated Badger fans into buying 4 unwanted games, so they could get the UW game and befoul our Bradley Center.

What happened two years ago
? Half the upper deck of our Bradley Center was decked out in red. Nothing pisses me off more than having UW (or UL) fans smelling up our home court. -- Oh, and we lost.

What happened later? Those same Badger fans SOLD THEIR TICKETS ON EBAY. And guess what? With auctioning off a couple good BE games, they were able to come out ahead!

This year, the UW package includes 4 high quality games. Guess what? They'll dump those tickets, and actually MAKE money buying this package.

On the other hand .. Two years ago, the demand from MU season ticket holders purchasing extras for friends was enough to sell out the place TWICE. I realize some Season Ticket Holders will commit the sin of buying for their red-devil friends, but the majority will not.

It's not too late, Ticket Office. Change the ticket packages right now, and keep the red out.

I swear to god, let me buy 100 tickets. I will find 100 Warrior fans to sit in those seats, and come back for more.


Unknown said...

Have you considered that a number of Marquette season ticket holders have yet to renew because they're disgusted with the "searches" for an AD and a head coach?

Unknown said...

Richard, we know where you stand in the hiring process. You only told us like a couple dozen times. You are getting to the point of being a joke.

Unknown said...

Guys - when will individual game tickets go on sale? I'd like to fly out to Milwaukee (from Boston)this season and take my son to a game. Is there a forum to find season ticket holders who may want to sell a game to a fellow alum?

anonymous said...

I personally like having UW fans at the game. It adds an element of fun.

Unknown said...

It certainly isn't a bad thing for the game by having Badger fans there. There were quite a few Marquette fans in Madison a year ago that made the atmosphere great. The concern is that our own fans are selling these things to Badger fans without regard. Hence, there's more red in the crowd than there should be.