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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog Days Media Update

With August coming to a close quickly, here's a look at news items about the Marquette hoops program from the past few days:

*Fear Uncertainty Doubt


bamamarquette1fan said...

One other dog days note, I'm in Indy this week for an American Farm Bureau meeting and picked up the Indy Star this morning to see Crean on the front cover with details of the contract. Basically, an average of $2.36 million a year guaranteed for the 10-year run, with bonuses for Big 10 titles (regular or tourey) and every step of the NCAA from invite to each win that would take him up to to just over $3 m in a perfect season (Big 10 reg and tourney title and national title). The hard copy says the online version is at Indy-Star.com/iu.

Happy to be looking ahead with Buzz, but was just interested to read what it had taken IU to get Crean away.

Rob Lowe said...

Who is Crean?