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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update: Earl Tatum

After we posted this item on Earl Tatum and his health, many of you wrote in to wish Tatum a speedy recovery.

We got a follow up from his daughter:
My dad is doing much better. He is improving remarkably fast according to his Physician. He had a good time recently at the Nicole Ellis Foundation Dinner.

Note from Earl : "I want to thank everyone for the wonderful well wishes. It was nice seeing notes from Marquette fans and Mount Vernon HS fans. It has been a blessing that I am back on my feet.
If you base it on 100%, I feel like I am at 99%.
Learn about your family health history, ask relatives questions, and keep in close touch with your Physcian. Don't take it lightly."

Cracked Sidewalks hopes to see Earl back in Section 204 this season!

Earl Tatum Wiki Page

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