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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Media Day

Media day was yesterday, and so there is loads of good content on the web. As in, so much content on the web your employer might get upset.

GoMarquette.com has a great page covering the Media Day event. There is a twenty-two minute press conference where he addresses a number of questions. Among them he covers the schedule, the impact of the new three-point line, and his view of approaching it one day at a time. If you're keeping track at home, Media Day was his 191st day on the job.

The Media Day page also has links for a number of podcasts. There's a Maurice Acker interview, a Dominic James interview, an interview of Todd Rosiak by Wesley Matthews, and an interview between Acker and Cubillan. Careful, all the links open up mp3's directly.

Rosiak also checks in with a detailed look at Boot Camp. Rosiak once again delivers with a story no one else has, as well as an update on Cubillan. Bonus note: on the trip to Chicago, the team is spending time with Special Olympians. Just another reason why the guys wearing Marquette uniforms make me proud to be an alum. In addition, Rosiak's blog has his own Media Day Recap. It's a nice summary of the press conference. The JSOnline also has their own set of audio clips, with Interviews of Buzz, Wesley, DJ, and McNeal.

Sportsbubbler has the Videos for Media Day. There are twelve video interviews... nicely done.

The Chicago Tribune also covers the Marquette trip down to Chicago, as well as a feature story on Buzz Williams. GoMarquette.com has a brief story about the Tip Off Dinner.

Following Media Day, Homer had Dominic James on for an extended interview. You can find the link here or just download it directly. While you're there, swing by and check out McIlvaine's blog. There's no MU content there... I just think his blog is entertaining.

By the way, today is the first official day of basketball practice. The first preseason game is four weeks away!

UPDATE: Included additional Rosiak Blog entries, new Chi Tribune article, and TipOff Dinner information

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