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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big East Media Day and More

Just a little bit more from yesterday's Big East Media Day as well as getting ready for Marquette Madness (and more)

Big East Media Day

  • Even though Rosiak wasn't among the 200+ people that were credentialed for Big East Media Day yesterday, he still managed to pop out some excellent blog entries. First, he delivered an interview with Jerel McNeal. Then, Rosiak also checked in with an interview with Buzz. As always, nice job by Rosiak.
  • The conference website has additional information from yesterday's event as well. The initial page has Mike Tranghese's opening comments. The press conference is about ten minutes, but it's kind of worth it. Tranghese welcomes the two new coaches to the league, talks about the history of the league and growing up with ESPN, and then even gives a glimpse of what the partnership with SNY for TV will mean. There are several additional links on that page as well for pre-season honors and the coaches poll, most of which has already been covered here and elsewhere.
Marquette Madness
Additional Misc Information about Marquette (or not)
  • MarquetteHoops.com also delivers two new interviews. The first is an interview of Jimmy Butler, and the second is an interview with Dwight Burke.
  • Finally, for some fun... Since we mentioned Converse, www.marquettewillbeback.com has a counter until the start of the NCAA tournament (144 days). And since we're talking about counters, in case you were wondering how long Buzz has been on the job, the moderators at MUScoop put up a handy reference on their stats page. (199 days)
UPDATE: Bullseye link and re-formatted the whole page

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