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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Just in: Seniors Win Games. MU beats WVU 75-53

Seniors James and McNeal each played all 40 minutes, while a foul-troubled Matthews saw 25 to lead the Warriors to their first 4-0 Big East start, beating Bob Huggins' West Virginia squad 75-53. The Three Amigos scored 56 of the 75 points for Marquette.

The Warriors had a forgettable first half, and were down 6 early in the 2nd half. At the 16 minute mark, leading scorer Da'Sean Butler, with 16 points, picked up his 4th foul and sat out until the 7 minute mark. 45 seconds later, Butler had his 5th and was gone. -- With Butler in the game, MU and WVU were tied, 35-35. In the 16 minutes with Butler out, Marquette outscored WVU 40-18.

James did an outstanding job on defense while pouring in 17, 6 assists, 1 turnover, in 40 minutes. Not to be outdone, Jerel had a team high 26 points and 7 rebounds, but 6 turnovers. Another pleasant surprise, as a team, Marquette shot 24 for 27 from the charity tripe, with Jimmy Butler at 6-6 and Wes at 7-7.

Marquette has a week off, travels to Providence, then another week off, to play DePaul at the Bradley Center. Probably Jinxing the Team Alert: Marquette has a good shot at going 6-0 to start Big East play.

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J.J. Pauly said...


Gene Frenkle said...

Couple quick observations from today:

1) I don't know what happened two games ago, but Burke is playing with a lot more tenacity then I've ever seen from him. He's calling for the ball and looks like he wants to be out there now. Ever since Otule came in and was really demanding the rock (I think it was Presbyterian), Burke has at least done the same. That is huge.

Also, Buter is really starting to look confident and more comfortable on the court now. With him and Burke at least playing with confidence, and more imporantly, with purpose, we've been much better as a team.

2) Jerel's 26 was huge, but he's got to cut down the turnovers. He looked today like he thought he could walk a little on water. Again, just an observation. He got 26 offensively, but defensively and turnover wise, it was far from his better games.

4-0 baby. Let's make it 5.

theKAYman said...

Awesome MU game, then watched Crean take it on the chin vs. Illinois. Great day of basketball.

Unknown said...

Huggy appears to want revenge the next time Marquette plays WVU. I really don't get what he is crying about. It is hard to lose, but I just see why he is getting into such a tizzy.

Gene Frenkle said...

Dom James sticking a three-pointer in Huggy's face with 10 seconds left. That's why. I can't say I blame him.

Hmmmm, next year, our under-aged kids play AT WVU. Should be...exciting?

JohnPudner said...

Happened to sit next to a great 1950s player from MU for the game, who told me this year Dominic is playing the best defense he has ever seen an MU guard play. After watching throughout the game, I have to agree. 2nd point guard in 3 games held SCORELESS, and his ability to see picks coming all the way down the floor and get through them is unreal. He was the MVP today. This was really one of Jerel's poorer games, he was just losing the ball all over the place and not converting on breaks, but obviously fighting through a day like that to still end up with 26 points is great.

The margins against Cincy and WVU are unreal when you look at their scores against other teams.

Smoove said...

In playing above the Mountaineers' physicality, Coach Hugs's attempt to employ the head game was negated by our guys' own mental acuity. It is great Warrior play to not respond in-kind to the elbows, forearms and takedowns. Let the MU fans with their loud disapprovals and the referees (fouls WVA 23 MU 13) take care of it. Yo, real proof of who manned-up is found in only one place - - the scoreboard. Very impressive, men!

John Radcliff said...


Hunt said...

Wow Dwight Burke's block maybe Sportcenter's Top 10 Plays last night. I didn't get to see the game but loved seeing that on ESPN last night!