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Monday, January 19, 2009

Xavier Mania! .. Plus a great video..

First up, a posting from FriarBlog .. absolutely hysterical.

"Top 10 Reasons Jonathan Xavier Walked on the Court"

Here's the first 3 .. click for more:

10. Jonathan was furious that Geoff McDermott was taking the foul shots for Jeff. He thought the NCAA rule was that if a player was physically unable to take the free throws, the duty would go to the next of kin.

9. Jonathan was angry with the ref for not calling traveling on Jeff. He always got away with that shit when they were growing up and playing in the backyard.

8. None of the other referees ever return his phone calls or emails about other blown calls after the games. This was just easier.

Need some context? The Providence Journal checks in with a lengthy story on the JXavier incident.

Jonathan Xavier was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by the Providence police. He was released just before midnight and ordered to appear in court at a later date. Xavier owns an extensive criminal record, including being sentenced to serve eight months at the ACI in 2005 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.


While the incident report filed with police stated that Xavier was not suspected of using alcohol or drugs, Lepore noted that the 9 p.m. start time could have led to additional drinking. He said there were more incidents of fighting than usual in a crowd announced at 10,221.
"More incidents of fighting than usual" ??? What the hell is going on up there in the Island of Rhode? The Bradley Center packs in 17,000, 18, 19,000 fans on a given night. I can't say I recall any reports of fighting in our near history. And that's not for the lack of delicious, delicious beer.

Next .. TallTitan has done a magnificent job putting together a 2 minute video on MU's comeback:


Jim Bob Dan said...

Hmmm ... If you haven't seen any fighting at the Bradley Center, you must NOT sit anywhere near the student section, especially during the Madison game.

Unknown said...

When the pre-game spread wasn't up to Joanie Crean's standards, there were plenty of ugly incidents at the BC.