"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bob Dukiet, former Marquette Coach, dead at 61

Bob Dukiet, died Thursday in Boynton Beach, Florida, where he retired a dozen years ago.

Dukiet (“The Piano Man”) coached Marquette from 1986-89, and had a 39-46 (45.9%) record, before being replaced by Kevin O'Neill.

More from the Erie Times.


JohnPudner said...

Wow, I had not realized he was still in his 30s when he came to campus. I am sorry the time at Marquette didn't go well, because he did really make an effort to get out to all the dorms after the hire, and even offer to students to give them money if they were in a bind or something. Obviously his Marquette experience was a disappointment, but I am glad he had such great success in Division II both before and after his time at Marquette.

Championships Matter said...

In a way, I feel sorry for Bob Dukiet. He probably was a decent guy who got in way over his head.

The Jesuits were in their "vow of poverty" era when they hired Dukiet and I suspect were hoping to find another "Al," a small college coach that demanded a comparatively small salary yet had a big future. He also recruited at a time when it was a lot tougher to keep a quality basketball player/suspect student in college. And, frankly, some of his recruits (as was outlined in Cracked Sidewalks' "look back") were of suspect character.

All-in-all, Marquette was not the right place for Dukiet. But his body of work before and after suggests he worked and tried hard.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous etching that is of Bob. I was dedvastated to hear today of the loss of a great man, a good guy and a fabulous entertainer.
I did not know him in his basketball days. I knew him as the Florida retiree who took care of his mom and used to come to the nursing home, where I am the activity director, once a month to play for our residents. Sing along with Bob was enjoyed by all. He was witty and talented. In fact, I had grown so close with Bob in 10 years of knowing him, he was the first person outside of my immediate family to learn I was pregnant with my first child! Bob was responsible for donating a baby grand player piano to my facility, a legacy which will last a lifetime.
They don't make men like him. Bob- my friend- I love you and will miss that smiling face tremendously. When I see you again I will have an orange soda and a tuna fish sandwich waiting for you :)