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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Liam McMorrow, we hardley knew ye...

MU put out this press release:

Milwaukee - Medical issues have ended the athletic career of redshirt sophomore Liam McMorrow of the Marquette University men's basketball team, head coach Buzz Williams announced Thursday afternoon.

An extensive evaluation process has determined that McMorrow is medically incapacitated to participate in basketball at the collegiate level.

The Toronto, Ontario, native will remain enrolled at the University as he continues to pursue his bachelor's degree in broadcasting.

"We are very disappointed with the end result this has for Liam athletically, but because of the efforts and time spent over the last several weeks by all involved, we are excited that he is able to finish his academic career at Marquette," Williams said. "Liam and his family have been involved in this sensitive manner from the start and we are thankful his issue was detected when it was.

"We are grateful for Liam's contribution to our program over this past year and even though he will not be able to play for us, that will not change his involvement in our program in any other way," Williams added.

McMorrow, who redshirted in 2008-09 in his first year with Marquette after transferring from Durham College in Canada, did not appear in any games during his MU career.


Championships Matter said...

This is really sad. The young man was a wonderful story and had the makings of someone who could contribute.

We all wish him well and hope his Marquette degree leads to great things in the future.

Beaver said...

Bummer. I was hoping to see a "twin towers" line up. All the best to him, an MU degree should serve him well...at minimum.

JohnPudner said...

I don't recall if there was actually any coverage of him as a practice opposing center this year, but I heard from several people he was invaluable in giving the team a chance to practice against a bona fide big to prepare for opponents. I hope he will be remembered for that role in an NCAA tournament team. Obviously, we are all very disappointed we will never see him suited up on the court, but am glad he is planning to finish school at MU.