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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buzz makes what?


... and more below

Don Walker from the Journal-Sentinel has an article on Buzz Williams' salary in 2008. Evidently he made $841,160 that year from Marquette. However, note a few things.

That means that Williams was paid $841,160 that year, but one should not assume that was his annual salary at the time.

Pfeil said it would be fair to say Williams is paid a higher salary now. She noted that Marquette reports all facets of compensation in its tax return.

She's right. Many colleges and universities, in reporting coaches' salaries, often report a salary figure, but often do not report additional compensation.

Keep this in mind when digging around USA Today's Salary Database to compare coaches. This ties us back to the other conversations about the budget Marquette has for basketball. For instance, think about this when one reads that Marquette has the highest budget in the BE, (and the second highest budget for hoops overall) but we're getting little bang for the buck. Repeat after me. It is never an apples to apples comparison, and different schools have different incentives for how they handle the accounting of what is a basketball expense versus what is not. (do you think a taxpayer funded state school has an incentive to show a large or small AD budget?) Our budget includes things like Bradley Center rent. Suck it, yahoo. Considering 95-97% of AD revenues come from hoops, continued strong investment in the coach and the program is fine.

Speaking of that...
Williams' salary was believed to have been bumped this off-season to around $1.4 million, sources told Rosiak.

While digging around, Kevin found Marquette's 2007 Tax Return. $448M in revenue for our beloved alma mater that year versus $382M in expenses. Just some extra numbers that I thought were interesting.


Wesley Matthews is officially a TrailBlazer, with a story on ESPN. Here's his official Blazers fan page. Plus, there is a great article about Wesley from the Portland Tribune. It really speaks highly of Matthews and represents Marquette well. I still can't get over the notion of Matthews doing 41 chinups his senior year. That is insane.

Part Three of the BIG EAST Roundtable is now available. Today's question looks at 2011 recruiting. Catch up on Part One and Part Two at the links.

Jimmy Butler is getting a little coverage out there, as Rivals.com lists him as one of their Most Underrated Players. Not by us.

Marquette also launched a new website called WeAreMarquetteAthletics. There are some video clips on there, but I've not spent too much time digging around.

Finally, it's got nothing to do with hoops, but I'm a big fan of the Daily Show and saw this from MU. A Director on the Daily Show is a Marquette Alum.

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