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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Media Updates

Don't forget. The Warrior Day Golf Outing is next Monday, July 26th.

Do check out the Big East Roundtable that is hosted by SJU blogger "The East Coast Bias". Pico does a nice job coordinating these, and this is part one. Cracked Sidewalks is there with our two cents. Personally, I think it's a great way to catch up on the other teams in the league. More coming later.

There was more Milwaukee Pro-Am. Here are the results from the last set of games. More games coming up this Friday and Saturday. But if you can't make it, hit up these sweet video clips (HT: YoungMUFan4). Yeah, they're highlight videos, but still... Sure would be great if the stats people could find TO's and FGA. oh well. Of course, Rosiak had a really good blog post on "Catching Up" that also looked into the Pro-Am and much more.

Marquette continues to release the non-conference schedule one game at a time. Sure, I know they're doing it to drive clicks to their site. Wake us when it's all finished. Plus, Marquette has run a few live chats. The Cottingham chat was the AD version of "it was a good game, both teams played hard", but the Jimmy Butler live chat was interesting.

Now some content worth checking out on their site is Jamail Jones' first week on campus. Marquette is also making podcasts available for free this summer. That kind of implies at some point they will be... not free.

Please make sure you go read Part One of a two-part series about Jae Crowder and his dad. Great stuff.

The final RSCI came out a bit back. Vander was #48 and Jones was #74. And in case you didn't realize this, Jamil Wilson was #40 a year ago.

Finally, Scoop poster Dr. Blackheart gave a great writeup about efficiency and protecting the ball. Worth reading.

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