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Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's the Schedule

First, here's the Marquette schedule for the year (or you can click here for the pdf). The Big Monday schedule was released yesterday, and Marquette was back on the tube with a game against Notre Dame on Jan. 10. Good news is that it'll be a home game (time of 6 p.m.) so the Warriors should have those Irish eyes crying by the end of the night.

Not only that, but there are ten nationally televised games on the schedule this year. The Big EAST schedule starts off with a 10 AM game on New Year's Day at the Bradley Center. That is way the hell early for New Year's Day, so get your bloody Mary's ready (with beer chaser of course) or just stay out all night and show up at the game. Rosiak has his take on the schedule too.

Finally, Buzz had a live chat today at 11. Click on the link to go read. Many of the questions were of the kool-aid variety, but kool-aid tastes delicious from time to time. If nothing else, Buzz's answers were more refreshing than "Both teams played hard".

By the way, Marquette Madness is in less than a month....and here's a look at your calendar this winter ---

10/15/10 Marquette Madness
11/06/10 vs. St Johns (Minn) - [Exhibition]
11/12/10 vs. Prairie View A&M

O'Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic
11/14/10 vs. Bucknell
11/17/10 vs. Green Bay
11/20/10 vs. South Dakota

O'Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic (games in Kansas City)
11/22/10 vs. Duke
11/23/10 vs. Kansas State/Gonzaga

11/27/10 at Milwaukee
12/04/10 vs. Longwood
12/07/10 vs. Texas A&M Corpus Christi
12/11/10 vs. Wisconsin
12/18/10 vs. Centenary
12/21/10 vs. Mississippi Valley State
12/29/10 at Vanderbilt
01/01/11 vs. West Virginia
01/05/11 at Rutgers
01/08/11 at Pittsburgh
01/10/11 vs. Notre Dame
01/15/11 at Louisville
01/18/11 vs. DePaul
01/22/11 at Notre Dame
01/25/11 vs. Connecticut
01/29/11 vs. Syracuse
02/02/11 at Villanova
02/09/11 at USF
02/13/11 at Georgetown
02/15/11 vs. St. John's (AL'S NIGHT)
02/19/11 vs. Seton Hall
02/24/11 at Connecticut
02/27/11 vs. Providence
03/02/11 vs. Cincinnati
03/05/11 at Seton Hall

BIG EAST Conference Championship
03/08/11 TBA New York, N.Y. TBA

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