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Sunday, January 09, 2011

At the mid-season point, how did we do on predictions

Here we are 16 games into the 2010-2011 season with 16 guaranteed games left to play. So how are we doing at Cracked Sidewalks on our predictions from way back in November? Remarkably well, thank you very much.

We stand currently with an 11-5 record which was darn close to the consensus average from the 8 member team of CS. The average at Cracked Sidewalks was 11.625 wins and 4.25 losses at this point.

Only Tim K. correctly picked an 11-5 record at this point while six of us were slightly optimistic at 12-4. No one, however, predicted all 16 games correctly. The Wisconsin game was the most consistent bugaboo that threw the team off. Tim B., John, Jamie, BMA and Steve all missed just one game thus far.

The team originally picked 11 conference wins back in November with a low of 9 (Kevin) and a high of 13 (BMA / John).

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