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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bracket Matrix and tournament projections update 2-21-11

Last week MU was in 59 of 65 brackets as part of the Bracket Matrix , with an average seed of 10. This week, MU is in 57 brackets and our average seed has slipped to 11.

For those that follow the Dance Card website (not part of the Bracket Matrix listing above)....Marquette is now OUT OF THE NCAA Tournament. Last week we were the last team in. This week we are 2nd team out.

Needless to say, MU has some work to do. A projected RPI of 70 is daunting. A projected final record of 9-9 in conference is bubble city. Huge opportunity this week at UCONN.


Beaver said...

We're going to get pounded at UCONN. We could barely hold onto our "winnable" games this year, and watching this team come up short night after night has gotten old. Miracles do happen, though. We'll need one to get this lackluster team into the dance.

Looking forward to next year already. Hoping our recruits bring some badly needed IQ, as we've seen a team Jucos just can't get it done.

Unknown said...

I appreciate the season and the effort by the players and coaches. UCONN is tough as nails and nobody is going to walk over them in their house. In any regards, as the three Amigos and Lazar would say "Leave it all on the court!" Go Marquette!

Beaver said...

Very happy to eat my words this evening. Great team effort tonight. Hopefully, our team is coming together at the right time and we'll be an absolute nightmare for a 5 seed. These tables were turned on us last year.

Nice to see Vander's contributions outweigh his liabilities tonight. He just can't score, hopefully this will get resolved as he gets more confidence.