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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bracket Matrix & Dance Card Projections Update

The Bracket Matrix now has 65 contributing brackets to determine the aggregate 68 team field (last week they had 60). Marquette is in NCAA tournament in 59 of the 65 mock brackets, with an average seed of 10. The 7 seeds, or potential MU opponents, are listed as Tennessee (J. Maymon anyone), Illinois, Xavier and Washington (MU's opponent last year in the NCAA tournament).

A deeper analysis into the Bracket Matrix shows the following distribution of seeds for MU:

7 seed - 3 brackets
8 seed - 4 brackets
9 seed - 16 brackets
10 seed - 19 brackets
11 seed - 13 brackets
12 seed - 4 brackets (final 4 teams in the dance?)
13 seed - 0 brackets
Left Out - 6 brackets

The consensus of the matrix has MU as the 11th and final Big East team in the NCAA tournament. However, Cincinnati is sliding back and is now a consensus 9 seed with a difficult schedule ahead.

For those that follow the Dance Card website (not part of the Bracket Matrix listing above)....Marquette is the LAST TEAM INTO THE DANCE.

Tuesday night's game is huge.

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