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Friday, September 23, 2011

Alphabetical list of the 30 schools most likely to impact realignment

Tonight may mark the only time I will ever plug Cracked Sidewalks on ESPN Radio in Auburn. I guess all eyes are on realignment, whether it is Auburn wondering if they will be in the SEC East or West, or Marquette wondering what the new Big East will look like.

For easy reference in the realignment confusion, the following is an alphabetical list of the 30 schools whose actions I believe could have the most impact on as the reallignment plays out. By each school, I have listed the estimated number of potential TV viewers they bring for college football based on Nate Silver's study in the NY Times (in millions), how high their football team is currently ranked in Massey's composite, where their hoops team was ranked in Pomeroy's final 2011 page, the conference they are in, and then any good news or bad news as relates to their possible impact on Marquette:

SchoolFBTVFootHoopsConfGood NewsBad News
Air Force0.257133MWCould plug B12 spot or BEFootball geography if BE
Butler 0041HorzConsecutive title gamesMid-Major
BYU0.76513IndCould plug B12 spot 
Central Florida0.546102CUSATop 50 foot, USF rivalUSF might not want them
Cincinnati0.36723BEProbably stablePossible B12 target
Clemson1.82122ACCS. Car blocked out of SECSee Va Tech
Connecticut0.67110BEBC fighting to keep out of ACCWants into ACC
East Carolina0.383146CUSADefinitely interestedGeography
Florida State0.81731ACCSee Va TechSee Va Tech
Georgetown 0040BEKey hoops-only core, DC clout 
Kansas0.8773Big 12IF B12 not really stable, BE poss.Geography, no chance if B12 in tact
Kansas St.0.45130Big 12See KansasSee Kansas
Louisville0.35814BEMost of B12 only wants 10Possible B12 to avoid uncertainty
Marquette 0032BEStock is highest since WadeWestern edge of current BE
Memphis0.211987CUSAFedEx, great basketballNext to worst football team
Missouri1.13044B12SEC focused west, not eastIf they aren't SEC, who is 14th?
Navy0.247274IndOpen to Big EastWants BE stability before jump
Notre Dame2.33115IndACC and others might waitSeems open to ACC for non-football
Oklahoma1.21137Big 12Mizzou claims deal not cutStrong B12 could hurt BE
Rutgers0.97278BEMost of B12 only wants 10Inviting target to NYC
South Florida0.519127BEOne of 2 top 20 footballMight not want UCF
St. John's 0042BENYC, key hoops-only 
TCU0.418173BEBE now & Texas blocking B12Geography could push B12
Temple0.26838MACGreat hoops, foot improvingBE kicked them out
Texas2.3205Big 12Screws up bad deals for usScrews up good deals for us
Texas A&M2851B12Baylor's possible suitStarted dominos again
Villanova 0033BEKey hoops-only coreACC rumblings
Virginia Tech1.31034ACC$20 m to leave SECACC would need replacement
West Virginia11621BETurned down by SEC,ACCStill B12 possible
Xavier 0045A10Top 50 hoops, Sweet 16s until…Mid-Major

To give perspective, the 2.3 by Texas and Notre Dame indicates that their football teams bring about 2.3 million fans as potential TV viewers. The only schools estimated higher than that are Ohio State (3.2 million), Michigan (2.9 million) and Penn State (2.6 million). Most of the SEC and Big Ten bring over one million fans, while no Big East team does (West Virginia just misses).

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