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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marquette Links (Getting Caught Up)

If we're going to continue to ask you to donate to Al's Run, we might as well provide some content.  Because we will continue to ask you (please donate - it's for a good cause).  So here's a media summary of MU activity from around the web.

In a case of self-indulgent promotion, our very own John Pudner had his "Value Add" concept picked up by Sports Illustrated.  Luke Winn wrote an entire article based on Value Add.  Then Luke followed that up with the Top 10 PGs of the efficiency era (btw - click the link to see where Diener ended up).  Not to be outdone, Winn covered Guards and Wings (Novak and Butler are on the list).  It's all incredibly cool to see Pudner's work and Cracked Sidewalks covered in Sports Illustrated.  Based on this all this publicity, Pudner has received a 2x pay raise from the blog. 

Also from Sports Illustrated, writer Andy Glocker talked about teams that were due for better luck this season, including Marquette.  No offense to Andy, but here's to completely shedding the label of Team Bubble Watch (#TBW) this season.

In addition, the MU Tribune is working a new approach on their blog called "Five Point Play".  The first installment included Cracked Sidewalks and other Media Members to address various questions.  This edition covered which player do you think improved the most, preseason ranking, DJO as a first team BE, and more.  It's a quality approach from the MU Tribune (not because we helped), because it's something different.

Rosiak has been back on the case with several blog entries.

Great stuff from Rosiak, but we particularly like the Deonte Burton interview.

To cover some of the official releases from the Athletic Department, MU will have walk-on tryouts on Thursday, 9/15.  The team always needs another human victory cigar, and the MU Tribune Paint Touches blog talks to Assistant Brad Autry about it.  Also from the AD, if you don't have season tickets and can't make it to all the games, the three game weekender pack (UWGB, Pitt, Cincy) is a pretty good package.

In non-basketball news, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King spoke at Marquette last week.  Here's the official MU recap.  It's neat, but too bad I can't stop thinking of King in terms of the Kissing Suzy Kolber deconstructions.

Finally, you really need to stop everything you are doing right now and go watch Junior Cadougan sing.  I think that's supposed to be singing.  Whatever it is... it's AMAZING.

Okay, now you're all caught up.  donate to Al's Run. Please.

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