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Monday, February 20, 2012

Post Script on Crowder’s Weekend: 2nd best game since Wade; top 10 POY, best BE duo with DJO & national championship?

Just a quick post script to yesterday’s piece on Crowder vs. UConn and MUs tourney chances. Since then, Marquette fans voted his performance Saturday as the 2nd best since Wade (see top 10 below), Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports tweeted that he might be moving into the Top 10 for National Player of the Year, Greg Anthony of CBS Sports said Marquette might win the national title with Gardner back to join perhaps the best duo in the Big East in Crowder and DJO. It’s been a fun 24 hours, but hopefully the kids have missed it all and won’t show up with big heads when a Rutgers team that played Syracuse tough yesterday comes to the Bradley Center Wednesday. Oh, and MU is back in the Top 10 of the just released ESPN Coaches poll, while ESPN Insider is asking if we are a Final Four team.

Here is how the MU Scoop readers voted the top 10 performances since Wade demolished #1 Kentucky in 2003, and as for DJO not having one of the top 8 game performances - don't worry about it. Jimmy Butler and Wesley Matthews don't either and they are doing just fine.

Best 10DatePlayerOppPtsRebeFG%FTAst/Stl/TO
11/3/2006NovakUConn411675%11 of 112/2/2
22/18/2012CrowderUConn291271%9 of 101/3/0
33/22/2008McNealStanford30860%0 of 02/1/3
411/21/2006JamesDuke25367%5 of 67/1/1
511/27/2006JamesValpo22058%11 of 133/1/2
63/20/2009HaywardUtah St.26875%5 of 60/0/1
71/4/2009McNealCincy265125%1 of 26/0/2
81/21/2007JamesPitt23157%5 of 65/0/0
911/27/2010DJOUWM29489%4 of 43/0/1
101/7/2009MatthewsRutgers236100%3 of 62/2/1

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