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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Big East name change - not going to happen

Some minor buzz the last few days about the Big East possibly changing their name.  CBS had a story and a number of MU fans were discussing on various message boards.

Let's just put this one in the dustbin right now.  Not going to happen.  Aresco is a very bright guy and no way he lets this happen. NO WAY.  You don't get to where Aresco has been through his career to throw away 30+ years of naming convention and the brand equity that goes with it.  For the same reason the Big Ten and Big 12 didn't change their names, neither will the Big East.  The only major conference to change names of recency is the Pac 12, but they've also had a history of doing that. First it was the AAWU, then the Big 5, later the Big 6, then the Pac 6, followed by the Pac 8, then the Pac 10, and now the Pac 12.

So stop the silliness, the Big East name is not going to change.

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