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Monday, March 11, 2019

Marquette's 5 year trend line shows very good trajectory and back where we need to be

The gnashing of teeth alive and well again with MU fans, but after 5 years let us see where we are at.  Using multiple computer ranking systems to be as objective as possible, I plotted the last two years of Buzz Williams teams compared to Wojo's career at MU.

Williams' 2013 team went to the NCAA tournament.  His 2014 team failed to make the post season and he left for the hills of Virginia Tech.  Wojo took over and not surprisingly took two years to rebuild a roster before reaching the NCAAs his third year.

How do the ratings compare?  Buzz's last NCAA team had an average computer ratings of 21.25.  However, his last season before leaving the team dropped to a 70.5 average.

Wojo's last three years have all been better than Buzz's last and his 2019 team was flirting with Buzz's last NCAA team of 2013 until the four game losing streak, but still comes in at solid 28.4 with games still to be played.

The trend line is unmistakable, going in the proper direction to a lower number (better rating).  Wojo has improved this program each year with the exception of year four when we took a small step back.

Marquette Computer Rankings End of Buzz to Wojo

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