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Monday, September 23, 2019

Five Times As Many Click on Game with Marquette 2003 Than Baseball Posts

Planning for the flight into Milwaukee for the tipoff against Loyola (preview here) at my favorite sports time of the year - who would believe the Brewers potential playoff run without Christian Yelich or that the Packers won their first three after being picked to finish 9-7.

I assumed I was one of the few focused on college basketball - so I was surprised to see that my the link to my Value Add Basketball game (a free dice game which features the 2003 Marquette team) on www.pudnersports.com pulled in 2,800 clicks this week - much more than my two main blogs on my Statis-Pro baseball games which drew a fairly average 205 and 254 clicks respectively last week. In that game the Brewers fell just short of my playoffs with a 47-43 mark (see this post which includes a photo of Tony Dorsett at the Pitt/Penn State game I attended for a little football angle). The fact that I play all roster players regardless of injuries helped the Cubs start strong in the Statis-Pro playoffs.

I started www.pudnersports.com after placing a few posts at www.crackedsidewalks.com that were not Marquette-centric, and realizing I should set up a new blog for those. For those of you who do not use blogger, it gives you a screen shot to check your traffic and see how many clicks each post gets to give you a screen like this.

The story on how to play the basketball game includes links to players for 48 great teams of this Century - the 42 schools which placed a team in the Final Four or the top five of www.kenpom.com and six extra teams with a great player I just wanted to include to round out each conference. I played a few games last season before shifting to baseball, and these will be the Big East standings when I resume to get fired up for Markus Howard and company.

Big East (past & present)WLPtsPtsAllPt Dif
Connecticut 200431736013.0
Villanova 20182174695.0
Marquette 20032173730.0
Louisville 20131174695.0
Georgetown 20071176715.0
Cincinnati 2002117175-4.0
Creighton 2014027285-13.0
Butler 2010025480-26.0

Marquette 2003 edged 2014 National Player of the Year Doug McDermott  84-83 and defeated Steve Logan's 2002 team 73-62 (not far from their actual 77-63 win in the CUSA Championship). However, Roy Hibbert and the Georgetown 2007 team beatup on MU inside for a 74-62 win, and MU still needs to play the three national champions in the conference - UConn 2004, Louisville 2013 and Villanova 2018.

The results for all 6 conferences games appear in this google doc, or if you can open this image big enough, you can see all results here. Good luck Brewers and Packers for all those back in Milwaukee, but happy to see others geared up for basketball already.

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